Fliers are Fun

The idea for this flier came from several sources.

1.)  The Gates of Argonath (The Pillars of Kings) from The Lord of The Rings.

2.)  The Colossus of Rhodes

3.)  The Titan of Braavos


I just love the idea of massive statues guarding waterways, I guess.

To get the idea for the real flier, I make little mock-ups until I get one I like.  Here was the mock-up for this flier:


Phase two – make the final version.  This starts with pencils:


3.)  I then ink over the pencils.  I’ll color it with Photoshop, so if I have nice sharp B/W outlines, the coloring process will be easier.


4.)  Then I scan it in, adjust the levels, make some duplicate layers and multiply them, keep one transparent layer of just the outlines, and adjust some shadows if need be.  Here is the scanned B/W:



5.)  On a layer underneath my transparent B/W layer, I make my lovely colorings!  This is what my color layer looks like without the outline overlay:


6.)  And this is what it looks like after you Photomagic in a big logo and put all the layers together:



  1. Joe

    4 years ago

    You can do visual art and auditory art. Geez leave some cool for the rest of us. Looks awesome though, the dragons on the sword handles are killer.