Video Trailer for Sep. 19 Show.

We had a jolly good time making this trailer.
Hope you enjoy it – we can discuss the behind the scenes / making of when we’re all hanging out at the show.

  1. Gregor LaMar

    4 years ago

    Are you working on a new album? I have just discovered your incredible rockage from Arkansas and I would absolutely love to hear what you sound like since then 🙂

    • Gio Benedetti

      4 years ago

      Thanks Gregor! No new album currently. We did post some new songs to the soundcloud page – but that’s all we have for now. Hope that satisfies for the time being, and thanks!!

  2. paul

    3 years ago

    great songs!
    i love diminished..real pleasure!
    i hope you play also for movies and videogames..i’m a future producer eh ehehehe!

    cheers from italy!

    • Gio Benedetti

      2 years ago

      Paul! I’m only a month late for the comment, but I’m here! Thanks a bunch for checking things out. Italy is my home away from home – my happy place – the place I dream of going / living / playing music! Hope all is well over there. When you’re producing, look me up! I love doing music for movies and video games.