Training & Labyrinth & Soundcloud

Hi Ho!

We are getting more diligent about our internet-ly duties as our re-debut show looms ever nearer.  For godsakes, man, it’s nigh on 2 weeks away!  Training must begin in earnest!  We need more muscle mass.  More cardio.  More endurance to survive the punishing ways of the Toast Machine live show!  Luckily, thanks to performance enhancing drugs, energy drinks, and the cybernetics that Paige has been developing via her 3d printing, we should be plenty ready by the 19th.

In the meantime, we are happy to bring thee to our Soundcloud page.  You can look at it on our page by going… HERE… or you can go look at it in the proprietary comfort of the offical SoundCloud by clicking… HERE.  Your choice.  (But – much like the fork in the road in Labyrinth, one link leads to safety, one to certain DOOOM!!)

Please enjoy the songs we’ve posted.  Thus far, it’s old news to you original Toastmachineists.  Why, we were all there together getting free copies of The EP in 2002, and then we payed the extra 5 dollars in 2006 for the Rock Wattage release party to bask in the acoustic glory of The Bad Plus.  But in case you missed them, we have posted some highlights.

Starting this Friday, we’ll be posting a song per day.  We’ll pull songs from recent rehearsals, new songs, outtakes, live bootlegs, ancient relics – whatever we can find that we think would be entertaining, and we’ll post it up.

We are getting excited for the 19th show.  Get excited with us.

[New Toast Machine Slogan:  Get Excited With Us (trademark)c.2014 p.2014 arr.2014]