Toast Machine began in 1998 at a St. Vincent High School talent show.  We played a mash-up of our only two songs:  Funk the World and The Break Song.

For the next 10 years, we wrote songs, played shows at the Phoenix, wrote songs, traveled to far off lands, came back to Northern California, wrote more songs, recorded, played shows at the Phoenix, played shows at the Shop, at The Vision, at any all-ages venue we could find in Northern California.   We discovered True Rockage, and declared ourselves the standard bearers for that worthy way of life, and championed it here there and everywhere.

In 2006 we released our first and only full-length album, Rock Wattage.  We rallied behind the record and did some brief touring up the coast and back, from LA to Seattle.

In 2009, we stopped playing.

In March of 2014, we resurrected Toast Machine.  We are writing new songs, making new recordings, and looking forward to playing more shows at The Phoenix.